I have been feeling low for around two weeks now, one instance i even cried.Tiny little memories creep in under my skin and it's like dominos one memory drops then more follow.We went to a pub on the weekend, and something as minute as a stair case has me back tracking to my childhood - [...]


Anger is a second hand emotion.

I am writing this, because i feel i have to, for my own sanity.They say to get over anger, you need to find the root emotion or cause.2016 - This is how long i have been holding on to this anger.It all started when you told your boyfriend he was cheating on you with me.He [...]

I appreciate you.

Dating younger is trialling - mentally. I wake up often and think is this the day he realises i am so much older and leaves?Is this the day he realises he is young, attractive, loyal and kind?But instead I wake up everyday i wake up to a kiss goodbye and knowing he has turned the [...]

Double Life

So my ex is still living with me, he doesn't know i've been sleeping with someone 5 years younger than meand i have to pretend that's the case Friday - Monday.We had sex six times this week, that's more than i've had all year. I thought at first it would be a cheeky kiss, then [...]

I’ll keep you my dirty little secret…

He was sending me messages all day, wanting to meet up again... another sneaky kiss... I couldn't help myself so I drove out and got him we parked down a back road and started kissing but it was building up so much - we got in the back seat but he didn't have protection, he [...]

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