When the ships sinks…

One minute i am making choices on flooring and windows and the next i am getting kicked out.if you've read all my prior blogs this one will hit different.This time i was sure i had found my person, he bought a house we have been renovating.We moved into this house and cracks started to appear... [...]


I haven't checked in for awhile, nothing really to report.I am consistently in therapy that's one update, i go once a fortnight for an hour.I am currently working on my self talk, my inner child, my inner voice that berates and belittles methe voice that plants seeds of doubt, that holds me back. I am [...]

Valentines Day

Yesterday i wrote him a two page love letter, and grabbed some chocolate it's hard to pick for boys!He opened his letter this morning and i reckon i got 40 kisses goodbye, i was already in a love bubble and then he comes home for lunch with roses and chocolate and my heart just melted. [...]

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