Meeting G.

well, kind of.

I have met him before, but i drove the 3.5hrs to see him again, no regrets so far.

He was so laid back, so calm, so relaxed.
I didn’t pick up any nervous vibes – i met a lot of his friends, definitely wasn’t trying to hide me.

Was a gentleman, didn’t try kiss me for hours and didn’t even attempt to sleep with me the first night
so that was refreshing.

the second night, we went out together and i felt like i had known everyone for years i didn’t feel out of
place or uncomfortable – then when we got home my pants quickly disappeared. No complaints.

He was a gentleman, gave me a million little kisses, and spent hours gently exploring my body with his hands.

I think i will go back, i have definitely had moment’s i’ve had second thoughts, wondering if i will be screwed over again, hurt again. He is young, of course. Just letting go & letting God.


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