What if i fall? oh but what if you fly?

So, on Friday i did something really spontaneous for the first time in a really long time!
i travelled 3.5hrs to see a boy.

I was sick of the limbo we’ve been talking for over a month so i just decided to go for it.

i am glad i did, tbh i wasn’t overly nervous which is strange for me!
he is an absolute gentleman – held doors, paid for things, didn’t even attempt to sleep with me on the
first night.

I am a little hesitant JUST because we are very opposite in areas like his lifestyle
he is a bit of a hunter, out door, carefree kind of person i think a lot of that is the feeling of being
out of place with D. Feeling like i didn’t dress the same as his friends or fit in to their lifestyles.

I am trying to bury those feelings because i know i have a bad habit of mixing reality with my own shitty self talk.

He was sweetheart, very hands on and gentle, i even napped and had a nightmare around him…. very comfortable straight off the bat.

I will keep you posted- also J is still away and i don’t hear from him.

J x

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