2021 – Catch up

it’s been awhile, my life has been a rollercoaster.

I will break my updates down to 4 sections

ME: I am happy, healthy, exercising finally – 2 weeks into a program, getting up around 6.30am each morning,
dressing for myself, putting an effort in to my appearance, blocking bitches, deactivated FB, removed toxic followers on social platforms – i am in my zone!!!

D: Still very emotionally attached, he is struggling right now and making things really hard for me to move on
i am trying to talk him through the process – he is a kind, sensitive person, however he did hurt me in a way that
for someone like me it makes it really hard to forgive. L I M B O

J: still away working, returning soon, multiple red flags think this is a psychical connection.

G: which i don’t think i have talked about, met at a party, started talking maybe a week later… been talking everyday since i guess about a month now? He is understanding, patient, kind and full of surprises theres been a few red flags but that situation has been diffused a bit. I am hoping to meet up for lunch or something soon and get to know him on a deeper level.

I am trying to remain focused on the future and myself.


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