10 weeks later… still lost.

i’m not sure why this break up has been so hard, I am legitimately struggling to move forward.

I have weeks where i think okay i can do this, then i fall back into a hole.

I have been talking to two boys, one is showing genuine interest probably more than the other
even invited me to come to his home town for a visit… i think it would be a great thing for my confidence
but this fear takes over… what will everyone say, what if this, what if that.

J is still in Sydney and good old r0na is back so looks like he will be there for awhile, but i have already questioned some of his motives also the whole him living in Sydney and me living here… there’s so many question marks around next year and my romantic relationships.

I feel like i am struggling to find anyone who doesn’t snort coke and who is ready to be everything i need them to be. 3 months until i am 28, oh how things change.

Presently, i am lost, guarded and hurt. I hope my first 2021 post is a happy one and it is the year i get everything i deserve and more!


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