What just happened…

Picture this, i plan to go out on Saturday night, then i plan to stay home, then a friend
messages me saying i should come out… it’s 7.40pm but i agree – very spontaneous for me.

We go out at 8.30pm, i am in a really cute outfit and the pub is packed, this boy in all black walks out into the beer garden and we lock eyes and i am thinking he is soooo bloody attractive! First thing i noticed besides his eyes was his neck tattoo… oh and he is Irish!!!

The girls introduce him to me and i am so shy, he is so stunning to look at, he comes up for another chat a little while later and when the pub shut the girls agreed we would head back to his together… we were there for awhile and D was texting me so i thought we better leave as i go to walk out he goes “are you going to kiss me goodbye” i lean in for a peck and he gives me a full on pash… then the girls take off and we are in the driveway, he picks me up and just starts kissing the life out of me – i think i get flutters thinking about how god damn attractive he is/was.

He adds me on snap, fb and insta!

He wants to see me again soon, i am actually going to see him again, i think…

Oh and if all the above wasn’t random enough….. His name starts with J, medium build with dark hair…


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